Art Burrill's collection
Steam Locomotives
UP9006, a three cylinder 4-12-2 steams through Eaton in this photo. These were monster locomotives and traditionally had difficulty with tight curves due to the rigidity and length of the wheelbase. Recently, some time after I wrote this initially, Steve Lee of the Cheyenne steam crew was reading an account to me of what happened when the center "third cylinder" driving rod broke while a train was in motion at track speed near Baxter, Wyoming. The rod went down, struck the ties and caused the locomotive to flip up in the air, creating a terrible accident and loss of life.

Here, UP 2296 is shown in an unidentified place, most likely the C&S Transfer at Fort Collins. This is an old photo, and below, sister UP2295 is shown in Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho. 2295 was spared the scrapper's torch. There were some modifications over the years to these locomotives. I believe that 2295 was one of the last Mikados to run on UP. The picture of 2295 was taken by me in 1992.

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