My photos.

These are some of my favorite pictures I've taken over time. They are not neccesarily from Colorado, but other western states and provinces as well.

Many of my photos are from trips where I chased UP steam locomotives on special excursions. This top one was from 1994 at Ogden, Utah, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike. Union Pacific ran two special trains to Ogden, one with the newly restored diesel "E-units" and one with the Challenger 3985. Both trains are seen in this photo.

I was in Boise, Idaho from June of 1992 until October of 1995. Summer of 1993 found Union Pacific running another steam special, this one in honor of 125 years since the Oregon Trail. Here the Oregon Trail Special steams through Lime, Oregon, just west of Huntington. Notice the fire in the firebox.

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