My photos.

If it seems like I am fixated with steam locomotives, that's probably true. It's part nostalgia, part amazement and I suppose part fantasy. Would I trade my keyboard for a steam locomotive throttle? Probably not permanently.

I wandered onto the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad by accident in February of 1997. I was amazed to see the collection of cabooses there at Elbe. I did a little research and returned in May of 1998 for their railfan day when they ran 5 steam locomotives. Here, three of them show off for railfans near Mineral Lake, Washington.

UP3985 rolls southward between Nunn and Carr, Colorado in April of 1999. This was just prior to the run to Railfair in Sacramento. I had to jump out of the car to get this picture because I wasn't ready for them and had to chase the train to get this picture.

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