Colorado Rails visits the Cheyenne Roundhouse
The Cheyenne Roundhouse is home to Union Pacific's Steam Program and heritage collection; Steve Lee is the boss and is shown in a photo below. The two huge steamers are maintained by a small crew there; Steve says it's like running a dinosaur farm. Photo by Jim Maranto, a friend of mine from HP.

844 and 3985
I should add that I exist because of Union Pacific; UP brought my mom and dad together in the late 1930's. I'm pretty partial to Union Pacific because of that, and the Cheyenne Roundhouse is perhaps the best symbol left from that time. I've been allowed the incredible privilege of working with the steam crew on computer projects. On the right below, UP3985, the world's largest operating steamer, rests on a cold morning in Marysville, Kansas in 2004. On the left, UP844, the only steam engine to have never been retired graces the Colorado scenery over Tennessee Pass on a much warmer day in June, 1997.

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