Roundhouse and Steam Shop

Colorado Rails visits the Cheyenne Roundhouse

Here 844 turns on the turntable to return to Denver during the 1997 Frontier Days outing. There are several more interesting notes about this photo. The former CNW F unit facing the camera is now running in DRGW inspired colors on the Royal Gorge Route. The UP freight locomotive to the left of the "Art Lockman" tool/baggage car is the former UP3042, SD40X, a nd is being rebuilt at National Railway Equipment and will return to active service.

Cheyenne is a great place to watch trains. Here, 951, seen on many occasions powering UP passenger trains, rests between assignments outside the Steam Shop at Cheyenne.

Here in a photo from, UP951 is shown in Red, White and Blue for powering the "Preamble Express" in 1975. Obviously, 951 has it's own historical significance and has been many places aside from the UP home rails.

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