Rio Grande Locomotives.

Any talk of the Denver and Rio Grande Western must begin with Denver; the place the railroad started. Here, Rio Grande Tunnel locomotive 5385 crosses the South Platte River at Prospect Junction; a location where the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe joins the Rio Grande mainline for the route to Colorado Springs and Pueblo. This is very near to Coors Field and Union Station.

Tunnel Locomotive 5410 sits in the exact location of the tunnel locomotive 5371 on the previous page, preparing to take a load of containers containing UPS parcels west on train ZDVRO, Priority Denver to Roper Yard. Update on DRGW5410- In April, this locomotive powered the disabled Amtrak California Zephyr from Tabernash, Colorado, all the way to Chicago. Since that time, it has served on the eastern and southern portions of the UP system.

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