A DRGW train goes over Soldier Summit, Utah

DRGW3154 arrives at Helper with an M-DV-RO train, along with DRGW5356, a tunnel motor of veteran status over the line. 3 Tunnel locomotives including DRGW5345 and DRGW5359 will be coupled onto the front of the train for an awesome show of power up to the 7000 foot summit. Note: As of April 1, 2001, the use of helper locomotives at Helper as a regular occurance has been discontinued. MDVRO and MRODV trains simply set out cars when there is too much tonnage to make it over the hill without help. Kinda sad for railroaders and railfans alike. These photos chronicle the helper operation in mid-February 2001, just prior to this date.

The helpers come out onto the main line and back down to the waiting train. Another M-RO-DV train waits on the west side of Helper to enter the yard for a locomotive swap. Someone asked where Soldier Summit and Helper are located, the answer being they are on the eastern edge of the Wahsatch range southeast of Provo on the Price River. The nearest city of any size is Price, Utah.

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