About me...

Thanks for stopping by my site. My interest in railroads goes back to both of my grandfather's employment with Union Pacific starting in the 1930's, during depression years when it was difficult to earn a living. Part of my mother's dad's employment was living in a depot, for he was the station agent for Union Pacific in various places along the line in Western Kansas and Colorado. He raised his family there; my mother spent her young life living in railroad depots. My father's family also worked for Union Pacific, where his step-father operated a pile driver building bridges. My father retired from Union Pacific in 1979. Totalled up, I had 11 relatives who worked for Union Pacific, so ours was definitely a railroad family. I've also had the incredible priviledge to volunteer with the Union Pacific Steam crew, doing computer stuff. I'm the official UP Steam computer geek.

This site is a culmination of photos and stories from my family and also another railroader or two. Aside from that, I enjoy photographing trains as a hobby, and Colorado is certainly still a great place to photograph. Over the years, great names of rail lines have included Colorado Midland, Denver South Park and Pacific, Rock Island, Uintah and most recently, Denver and Rio Grande Western. All of these lines have ceased to exist as business entities, but many railfans such as myself continue to present the historical greatness of these lines. The purpose of this site is to bring the historical aspect of railroading to the present, along with preservation of my family's heritage.

There are some photos in my scrap book from other western states and provinces as well as Colorado. I spent three and a half years away from Colorado, an adventure sponsored by my employer, working in Boise, Idaho. Southern Idaho is primarily Union Pacific country, for the railroad had a great influence on that state also. One need to look no further than Harriman State Park or even Sun Valley resort to see the influence of Union Pacific over time on Idaho. This site represents some of my travels retracing steps of previous generations as well as presenting the historical equipment they may have used. I invite you to check out my site here and thanks for visiting.

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