Rio Grande Locomotives.

Colorado's railroad was the Denver and Rio Grande Western, founded by General William Jackson Palmer, also the founder of Colorado Springs. Palmer Lake is named in his honor, among other Colorado historical items. It's claim to fame was the line which went "Through the Rockies, not around them". In later years, those familiar with Rio Grande would recognize the locomotives of that line by their black bodies with gold lettering. This series of photos will detail what's left of those black and gold locomotives powering over the Rockies between Denver and Salt Lake City.
These locomotives are "Tunnel Locomotives". They are so named because the air intake is near the lower portion of the carbody, allowing them to get cooler, fresher air away from the exhaust outlet from the diesel motor which would be much hotter and dirtier. These 3 Tunnel Motors were on the head of a Denver-Salt Lake mixed freight westbound over Soldier Summit in Utah.

These units are 3000 Horsepower. Here, DRGW 5371 awaits a call to take a train from Denver with an Armour Yellow companion.

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